Greek Wild Forest Honey With Large Tears Mastic Of Chios

We managed to combine their beneficial properties into a single product , the most valuable and nutritious goods of nature.
Unique in flavour and quality honey together with the famous mastic of Chios.

Basic component of balanced and also a healthy diet.

This famous Greek product, mastic of Chios, is worldwide acquaintance for the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and the antioxidant action it has.

Perhaps the most powerful and healthy combination of beneficial properties for well-being and proper functioning of the human body . Honey with natural mastic took its place in Greek cuisine to give a unique character to your recipes , traditional and new .

Experiment on a multitude of dishes, it provides you a flavor.

Drastic component in a line of pharmaceutical recipes, because of the beneficial attributes in the alleviation from various illnesses

Use as vinaigrette for the salads and delicious dessert ice cream , yogurt and bread .

Make delicious desserts with unique taste and aroma.

Enjoy it with warm drinks or tea and milk.