A true delicacy of nature

Organic Wildforest Honey with Honeycomb is a true delicacy of nature. The hexagonal cells that create the comb are made by bees from beeswax. 1100 bees have to visit 4 million flower blossoms to create 1 gram of honey, and then must consume 3 grams of honey to generate 0.5 gram of beeswax. Beeswax is an amazing substance that is entirely edible and contains a variety of healing and allergy-soothing properties. Into each beeswax cell, bees deposit the flower nectar they have gathered from thousands of flowers. The bees then stand over the cell and fan their wings to evaporate the water from the nectar, leaving behind a rich, syrupy, golden substance that we know as honey. The cell is capped with a thin layer of beeswax and reserved as food supply for the colony. Enjoy Vasilissa Organic Wildforest Honey with Honeycomb with slices of tart green apple and a wedge of salty artisan sharp cheddar for a delicious appetizer or dessert.

Vasilissa Organic Wildforest Honey with Honeycomb from Stayia Farm. Perfect on hot crunchy toast so the wax softens in the heat; equally stunning as a dessert with fruit and good ricotta. The ultimate addition to a chessboard, partnered with sharp, nutty and salty cheeses such as strong blues or semi hard Gouda style cheeses