What Makes Organic Honey Different?

Winnie the Pooh may have been trying to teach a lesson when he wanted honey every time he got a "rumbly in his tumbly." From weight loss to skin clearing to pain relief, the benefits of honey are vast. When harvested organically, it becomes a healthy, medicinal treat that surpasses in taste any doctor-ordered prescription.

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Organic honey production involves stringent guidelines to protect the honey from contamination by pesticides and antibiotics. Not only do these antibiotics and pesticides alter the taste of pure honey, but they also are believed to cause cancer and aplastic anemia when consumed in large doses by humans. Other than these facts, organic and non-organic honey are equal in beneficial properties.

Workout Supplement

Chocked full of carbohydrates--17g per tablespoon--honey can provide a sustaining energy source for your workout. According to the National Honey Board, if you consume pure honey prior to a workout, it will get absorbed in your system and provide you with energy throughout the exercise. Adding it to the water bottle that you use during the activity will delay fatigue. Combine it with protein within 30 minutes after your workout and you will maintain comfortable blood sugar levels, decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, and replenish glycogen stores that were depleted during exercise.

Skin Aid

Honey is found in many store-bought beauty products and it can be added to the ones you have at home. As a humectant, it moisturizes the skin to keep it soft and smooth. Mixing honey with milk enhances products' antimicrobial and cleansing benefits. It leaves the skin glowing and may even improve acne when mixed with cinnamon to form a paste. It may be topically applied on a regular basis.

Medicinal Properties

According to Organic Facts, mixing honey with ginger may reduce respiratory problems, asthma and indigestion. Alone and with other mixtures, honey has been credited with relieving cough and sore throat, aiding sleep, boosting the immune system and treating stomach ulcers, bladder infections and arthritis. Applied topically it can decrease burns, heal infections, relieve toothaches and improve eczema. It is also a safe sweetener choice for diabetics.

Weight Loss

The Global Healing Center website reports that mixing honey with lemon can help melt away fat. Because it is cholesterol-free, you do not have to worry about it elevating your cholesterol levels. Mixing it with milk for a morning drink will boost your stamina to give you the energy you need to get more work accomplished, thereby burning more calories.