Vasilissa Pure Greek Organic Honey

It's one of the basic ingredients in Greek cuisine, is used in breads, cakes and confections, and is recognized as a cornerstone of good nutrition.  In Greece, the best honey comes from the blossoms of Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Linden and Orange.
Hippocrates praised both the nutritional and therapeutic value of honey, and used it both as food and as medicine.  It is used in making Oxymel, as well as medicinal syrups, pills and jams, or electuaries.

 Pure organic wildforest Greek bee-products:
  • Wildforest  Honey
  • Wildforest  Honey with Royal Jelly and Bee-Pollen
  • Pure Pine and Thyme Honey
  • Wildforest  Honey with Comb

Vasilissa Pure Organic Greek Honey... 
With edible 24K Gold...
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Gold Honey by StayiaFarm

Live like a Prince and try our real Royal Gold honey!

Wild Forest honey from pine and forest flowers...thyme, greek oregano, lavender and rosemary! With 24k gold leaf edible!