Vasilissa Greek Honey

It is a product of Nature which does not take any procession. Plays a great deal of role in metabolism and nourish, in the components of bones and cells, regulates the acidity of the stomach, has antiseptic properties, is a tonic, helps to restore health faster and has antimicrobial activity. The attributes of honey is the aroma and taste. The color of honey is characteristic of its origin and is considered one of the main criteria that affect the quality of consumer preference. The dark-colored honey is rich in minerals and therefore have high nutritional value while the pale-colored honey have a nice color and flavor.
The honey produced is divided into two major categories:
flower honey, produced from the nectar of flowers (thyme, orange, cotton, sunflower, heather, etc.), and honey from honeydew produced by scale insects secretions that suck plants. In this category belong pine honey, fir honey and honey from other forest plants.