The apiculture is the art of the bee cultivating in order to produce honey.
Honey is a fluid saccharine substance with a special flavor.
This flavor comes from the nectar of the plants and flowers absorbed by the bee.
The quality of the honey itself depends on the type of the plant or flower visited by the bee.
The best honey comes from the thyme, lavender, rosemary, lime-tree and orange-tree.
The main factor for successful honey productive areas is the variety of habitats able to give the adequate quality of honey.
From this point of view Greece despite its small size is one of the most suitable places, if not the most, for apiculture due to its rich flora and temperate climate.
For that reason Greek Honey is unique.
Greek honey has specific physical and chemical characteristics.
Its supreme quality reflects the country's long sunshine periods and the abrupt changes in the landscape. This special landscape makes Greek flora so rich, that from the 7500 different species of plants growing in Greece, 850 of them are found exclusively here.
That is the explanation why certain varieties of honey (e.g. Thyme Honey) do not exist anywhere else in the world.
There are varieties that come from coniferous trees, and others that come from flowers and aromatic plants.

As a result of the particularities of Greek landscape, the honey comes from a large variety of plants, where a certain flower dominates the rest and so it characterizes that particular variety.
Greeks have always been exporting honey. It is a traditional Greek product with many productive areas throughout the country.
The best honey in Greece comes from thyme, by far the best honey in the world.

Of exceptional quality is the honey coming from flowers and thyme and herbs, flowers and forest originated honey such as sylvan honey, pine tree honey and conifer trees honey.
Due to country shape, climate and unique flora, the apiculture in Greece is highly developed with long-lasting tradition, producing in excess all the top varieties of honey.
The country's honey is world famous giving Greece one of the top positions in world level concerning the production, export and use of this healthy and natural product.
The product itself is blessed by nature. Honey helps maintain a healthy organism.

As part of our every day diet it is very healthy for breakfast! For example spread on the bread or mixed with milk or yoghurt and cereals. Honey is a source of high energy and as such is perfect for an afternoon energy-boost mixed in our coffee or tea instead of
sugar or spread over walnuts or white soft cheese. It is also used in many recipes for sauces and for "stuffing" chicken and duck.